About Us

My name is Tonya Newsome. As a working woman, wife and mother of two, I have acquired more than 20 years of cleaning/housekeeping experience. While cleaning in my home and others, I began to notice that many of the cleaning products that I used were damaging and irritating my hands; in addition I also began to experience respiratory issues due to the harshness of the products. In 2014, I began researching the chemicals that were used to create these products, armed with this new information, I decided there had to be a better and more natural way to clean. After many months of trial and error of mixing natural ingredients in my home, The Hoot All-Purpose Cleaner was born. My product allows anyone to attain the clean, fresh home that you know and love, minus the chemicals and side effects. It’s my hope that after using this product you will be motivated to also join the all natural movement and give a HOOT!




One of our missions is not only to bring awareness to the harmful chemicals we are exposed to in our cleaning products but also to educate about many of the harmful chemicals that are used in our food. That is how our community garden project was created. The community gardens that we are helping to build are located in low-income neighborhoods. The reason we chose these neighborhoods are because many of the low income neighborhoods are considered food deserts, meaning they do not have access to stores that provide fresh fruit and vegetables. By placing the gardens in these neighborhoods, it not only provides access to healthier food options, but also provides a way to educate, brings unity, and helps reduce crime. The Hoot is a member of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.


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