Why Shouldn’t You Use Bleach?

Bleach is one of the most deadly and corrosive chemicals around. Even after countless experiments and endless amounts of evidence, bleach can still be found at every drugstore and market nationwide. Many of us still have cleaners and other products containing bleach in our houses. The question is….WHY?

That burning feeling? The coughing?

Those are all signs of the corrosive properties of bleach in your body. That slippery feeling of bleach on your skin? That’s actually caused by the lye (caustic soda) reacting to the fats and oils on your skin.


Here are a few dangerous facts you may not know about Bleach.

  • It’s highly corrosive to the skin, lungs and eyes, as well as other materials, and can actaully cause frost bite to the skin and eyes, as well as chemical burns and ulcerations.
  • It increases asthma and allergy symptoms because of the likelihood of inhalation
  • Ingestion of bleach causes corrosive damage to the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • When mixed with ammonia, it creates a deadly gas.

If that doesn’t change your mind….then what will?

Protect your household, ditch the chemicals and switch to our products!


Hey ladies and gents! As you all know, we are a new small business trying to make the world a better place! We are so pleased with the stream of products we are selling online and wanted to try our hand at something new. With a few prayers and some preparation, we have successfully gotten our products on the shelf! That’s right, The Hoot All-Natural Products are in stores!

You can find us in:

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Sage Organics3304 Taylor Rd # D, Chesapeake, VA 23321

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What’s The Hoot? Blogger Review by Mommy Engineering


Hey guys! Last month, we were featured in Mommy Engineering, a blog “dedicated to providing helpful information to help parents guide these rollercoasters called, “Parenthood” and “Family Life.” Lovely blogger, Katriza gave us her honest opinion on our products and we are more than pleased! 

Her review states, “There are definitely many things to like about The Hoot All Purpose Cleaner.  I love that I can easily read and understand the ingredients in this product.  I can easily search each ingredient for its benefits and love that every ingredient is 100% All Natural.  The scent of the lemon and orange have been wonderful, it’s not overbearing and I love just how clean it smells in my home!”

See more of her review, where in her house she used The Hoot and our interview here.



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