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My name is Tonya Newsome and I am the owner of THE HOOT ALL-NATURAL. As a working woman, wife and mother of two, I have acquired over 20 years of cleaning and housekeeping experience. While maintaining my home and others, I began experiencing skin irritation and respiratory issues caused by the harsh chemicals in many of my everyday cleaning products.

In 2014, I began researching the chemicals that were used to create these products. I wanted to know not only what chemicals and toxins where used to make these products, but how did they affect my body? Armed with this new information, I decided there had to be a better and more natural way to clean! After many months of trial and error, long nights of mixing natural ingredients in my kitchen, The Hoot All-Purpose Cleaner was born. My product allows everyone to attain the clean and fresh home that you know and love, minus the chemicals and side effects. It’s my hope that after using this product, you will be motivated to join the All Natural movement and Give a HOOT!

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Our Mission

"At The Hoot – Our goal is to provide communities with a safe and affordable cleaning alternative to the dangerous chemicals engulfing our world. One bottle at a time, we pledge to help make the environment a little safer for You, Your Children and Your Pets!"

- The Hoot

Our Mission

Our Vision

It is a daunting task to think that you can change the whole world, one bottle at a time. We will try! Our vision incorporates not only our efforts, but those of the 7.4 Billion+ people residing on this wonderful planet. We aim to bring awareness to the hazardous chemicals that hide in the products we use EVERYDAY. Of the 206,636 calls received by the U.S. Poison Control Centers in the United States, 120,434 exposures involved children under six, who either swallowed or spilled cleaners stored or left open inside the home. 

Help us change the world!

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